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Splicing screen will play a leading role in the security monitoring industry

in recent years, the large screen splicing screen market has grown rapidly, with an annual growth rate of about 30%. According to relevant market research reports, in 2016, the sales of large screens in the field of video surveillance has reached more than 33% of the whole splicing screen market, and its market share is increasing year by year. In the next few years, video surveillance will still be one of the main growth areas of the large screen splicing market. How industry enterprises are searching; Some users may also care about the direct information analysis. Based on the characteristics of the large splicing screen system in the field of video monitoring, they have launched the large splicing screen solution in the system monitoring room

if it is not cleaned up in time, with the domestic investment in energy, transportation and other basic industrial construction and the continuous progress of industrial automation and informatization, the demand for large screen splicing industrial application is growing steadily, the construction of large-scale monitoring, command and dispatching large screen splicing projects is becoming more and more frequent, and there are many large-scale splicing screen projects with more than 100 splices. Among them, liquid crystal splicing is probably the most affected by "heat transfer"

in addition, the splicing of large electronic LCD screen also puts forward extremely strict requirements for the service life of the lamp tube and its continuous working performance. At present, almost all large screen products on the market can work continuously for more than 60000 hours without failure. For some special industries, they have also developed certain dust prevention functions. The screen adopts the most advanced LED backlight technology, which can effectively reduce the surface temperature of the screen and reduce the image residue of the image displayed on the screen. The product has very low power consumption, stable and durable performance, and meets the actual application needs of the security industry

therefore, at present, the LCD splicing industry is still a very sunrise industry, which has great room for growth. There is a wide range of demand in the high-end use collar, especially in the Brinell hardness testing field suitable for large metal parts. With the continuous breakthrough of LCD splicing screen, the application field of LCD splicing technology is gradually increasing. In addition, the coming era of HD and the application of HD will certainly use LCD as a good support. So I believe that in the next three to five years, the popularity of LCD will be faster and faster

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