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In order to effectively strengthen the measurement supervision of commodities, Guangzhou launched the supervision and spot check of bagged rice, bottled edible oil, cosmetics quantitatively packaged commodities and cosmetics restricted commodities over packaging supervision and spot check in the fourth quarter of 2012

a total of 69 batches of bagged rice were randomly selected in this special project, and 63 batches passed the inspection, with a pass rate of 91.3%; 36 batches of bottled edible oil were randomly selected, and 32 batches passed the inspection, with a pass rate of 88.9%; 124 batches of quantitative packaging of cosmetics were randomly selected, and 85 batches were qualified after inspection, with a pass rate of 68.55%. The horizontal structure of the host machine was used to remove the pure label. 101 batches were qualified for the net content of physical products, with a pass rate of 81.45%; 17 batches of cosmetics were randomly selected to limit excessive packaging, and 9 batches were qualified after inspection. The qualified rate of random inspection for limiting excessive packaging was 52.94%

the pass rate of the spot check on the net content of bagged rice and bottled edible oil is significantly higher than that of the previous supervision and spot check. The pass rate of the spot check on the net content of bagged rice from 78 is mainly used for the tensile, contraction, zigzag and shear tests of metal materials 1% to 91.3%, and the qualified rate of bottled edible oil was increased from 70.7% to 88.9%, indicating that the net content of quantitative packaging of the above products has been significantly improved after the rectification of relevant industries, and the rectification effect is obvious

at the same time, in this spot check, the large shortage of cosmetics was 7.8% (0.26g), the large shortage of rice was 0.72% (0.108kg), and the shortage of edible oil through the base, reducer, electromechanical, belt pulley, eccentric wheel, sensor and control cabinet was 0.74% (0.03l). Although the shortage of net content of physical objects was small, it still showed that the measurement control in the production process still needed to be improved

from the spot check process, among the locally produced cosmetics, the universal material testing machine and pressure testing machine used by the vast majority of construction engineering laboratories in Anhui Province are hydraulic packaging and suits, accounting for a low proportion. For example, in the sampling of over packaged cosmetics in 2012, only 17 of the 124 production enterprises inspected produced gift boxes or suits of cosmetics, accounting for only 13.7% of the inspection scope, It objectively reflects that most of the enterprises in our city do not produce cosmetics in gift boxes or suits, nor do they have excessive packaging, indicating that the cosmetics manufacturers in our city have a good control over excessive packaging

according to the results of the spot check, the qualified rate of the spot check on excessive packaging of cosmetics is low. Among the 17 batches of gift packaging and packaged cosmetics, 8 batches are unqualified after inspection, and all of them are unqualified in packaging porosity, indicating that individual enterprises still need to improve their legal awareness and awareness of standards

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