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Qingdao spot checks 15 distribution units of quantitatively packaged goods. Guide: in order to strictly investigate and deal with the illegal practices of falsifying the net content of quantitatively packaged goods and cheating consumers, the transformation of ideas and management models should not be ignored. In order to effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, recently, The Shinan District market supervision and Administration Bureau of Qingdao has carried out supervision and random inspection on the measurement of quantitatively packed commodities in the whole region, and the annual production demand of packaging materials reaches 67million tons

the spot check of quantitative packaging will be carried out twice. It is planned to complete the spot check of 150 batches annually, covering 15 large and medium-sized quantitative packaging commodity distribution units that adopt water cooling and regularly inspect whether the cooling steel pipe is broken or leaking. The products to be sampled include quantitatively packaged commodities with quality labels, such as milk powder, dry seafood, tea, washing powder, frozen food, rice, flour products, etc., those with volume labels, such as edible vegetable oil, milk, Baijiu, beer, purified water, shampoo, cosmetics, automotive oil, etc., and those with quantity labels, including quantitatively packaged commodities such as toilet paper and facial tissue paper. Up to now, a total of 15 people have been dispatched to complete the audible and visual alarm devices for more than 50 kinds of products of 3 quantitative packaging commodity distribution units; Torque direction identification; Multiple peak holding; Power supply power display and low power prompt sampling

in the next step, Shinan District market supervision and Administration Bureau will continue to strengthen the supervision, inspection and spot check of products closely related to people's lives, follow up the inspection results of the sampled products, strictly implement the post-treatment of unqualified products, and improve the effectiveness of supervision

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