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Patent for automatic sorting and stacking of special-shaped medium pack cigarettes issued on: Source: Zhengzhou Tobacco Research Institute station editor in charge: Yu Jia number of Views: 2854 copyright and disclaimer core tip: Recently, Shandong Zibo Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (company) and Shanghai Oukang jointly developed high integration, strong control and data processing capabilities High reliability technology Co., Ltd. jointly researched and developed the automatic sorting and stacking of special-shaped medium pack cigarettes, which was granted the national utility model patent

[China Packaging News] recently, Zibo Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (company) of Shandong Province and Shanghai Oukang Technology Co., Ltd. jointly developed the automatic sorting and stacking packaging of irregular medium pack cigarettes, which was granted the national utility model patent

in recent years, the sales of shaped cigarettes, especially fine cigarettes, have increased rapidly. At present, there are two types of special-shaped cigarette sorting in the industry: manual sorting and automatic sorting. Generally, the recycle bin is used to sort and recycle waste plastics. The former has the disadvantages of low sorting efficiency and easy to make mistakes, while the latter has the disadvantages of large space occupation and large investment. How to sort special-shaped cigarettes in a timely and efficient manner and reduce production and operation costs, It has become an urgent task for commercial enterprises to improve the efficiency and service level of cigarette distribution

in view of the above problems, Zibo Municipal Bureau (company) established a QC group based on the electronic label assisted manual sorting line and the research and development of the collinear sorting system for fine cigarettes and conventional cigarettes, organized and carried out 43 Lean activities for 10 months, and successfully developed an automatic sorting and stacking device for irregular medium pack cigarettes, filling the gap in the application of collinear sorting and stacking of fine cigarettes and conventional cigarettes in commercial enterprises

the patent includes 14 components in total, including 3 parts of smoke stopping device, swing device and stacking slide device. The mixed and stacked packages are realized by rewriting the PLC control program in terms of software; In terms of hardware, two bulk and fine branch storage spaces are set in sorting zone 1 and 2, and a group of flow management shelves are added to meet the requirements of scattered fine branch storage spaces. At the same time, a group of climbing belts and photoelectric induction devices are added to the sorting, coding and stacking equipment to distinguish the channels between fine cigarettes and conventional cigarettes, and the stacking device is improved to realize the collinear sorting and packaging of fine cigarettes and conventional cigarettes, effectively solving the problems of large space occupation and low effective utilization of the independent sorting equipment for fine cigarettes, directly saving the purchase cost of 1.1 million yuan

since the trial operation of the device in October 2016, the average sorting efficiency has reached 6000 pieces/hour, 113800 special-shaped cigarette packaging bags have been reduced, and the packaging cost has been saved by 9600 yuan

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