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With the arrival of the Dragon Boat Festival, Taichung Environmental Protection Bureau conducted a spot check on 351 packaging gift boxes, including 33 cake gift boxes, 267 processed food gift boxes, 6 cosmetic gift boxes and 45 wine gift boxes, in response to major selling hotspots, including restaurants, department stores, supermarkets and mass merchandisers

for the Dragon Boat Festival, we should also pay attention to environmental protection during the festival. Taiwan's Environmental Protection Bureau advocates the principle of "more than one, less than three", with more product weight, less packaging materials, less types and less printing. Or we can buy gift boxes with "Taichung green packaging certification seal" to support packaging reduction and do our best for environmental protection

wuzhichao, director of the Environmental Protection Bureau, said that 351 gift boxes were inspected in restaurants, department stores, supermarkets and mass merchandisers in Taichung city. One of them was suspected to be over packed. Many manufacturers used environmental protection and reduction design

wuzhichao pointed out that the manufacturers, importers and sellers of gift boxes should check the number of layers and volume ratio of the goods by themselves. The cake packaging should be less than 3 layers, the processed food, cosmetics and wine should be less than 2 layers, and the volume ratio of the outer box to the content should be less than 1. Those who violate the provisions of "restricting excessive packaging of products" will be fined 30000 to 150000

the Environmental Protection Bureau encourages consumers to give priority to purchasing 177 gift boxes that have obtained the "Taichung green packaging certification stamp", and take practical actions to support environmental protection packaging gift boxes and promote green consumption

2. Bazhong municipal market administration supervised the zongzi gift box, and one company took out the jaw card excessively to pack the zongzi and was taken off the shelf. In order to standardize the market order before the Dragon Boat Festival and enhance the enterprise's awareness of integrity measurement, Bazhong municipal market administration recently launched a special supervision and inspection on the zongzi gift box packaging to prevent excessive packaging and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers

law enforcement officers sampled 13 batches of zongzi gift box products from 12 enterprises, including Yiduo, laoliaojia and Weichao prince, and focused on checking whether there were excessive packaging practices in the production of zongzi, such as too many layers of packaging, too large gaps, too high costs and tying valuables. Special inspections were carried out on 8 shopping malls and supermarkets such as Beishan supermarket and Wal Mart, which have a large number of people. Special inspections were focused on whether the net content of festival hot selling commodities such as zongzi and preserved eggs on sale is consistent with the actual situation, and whether there is excessive packaging line, which has become the cornerstone of the survival and development of enterprises in the information age. Carry out point-to-point policy publicity for enterprise principals and supermarkets, popularize relevant provisions on restricting excessive packaging of goods, require enterprises to enhance their consciousness and self-discipline to resist excessive packaging of goods, prevent and control excessive packaging from the source, and effectively maintain good market order

"according to our sampling inspection, the zongzi production enterprises in the city have well controlled the number of packaging layers and the ratio of packaging cost to sales price." According to a relevant person from the municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau, up to now, one supermarket has been ordered to take off the shelves of over packaged Zongzi on sale

what are the criteria for judging excessive packaging

based on the current situation and trends shown in the previous background research, it can be seen that the Chinese government has paid great attention to excessive packaging. What are the criteria for judging excessive packaging

the general rules for limiting excessive packaging of plexiglass bending test commodities jointly issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the National Standardization Administration pointed out that the so-called excessive packaging refers to the packaging that exceeds the normal packaging functional requirements, and its number of packaging layers, packaging porosity and packaging cost exceed the necessary level

so what is the "degree" of over packaging? Is there a clear national standard? Industry experts said that the judgment of "degree" of excessive packaging generally needs to refer to national standards and local regulations at the same time

at present, the national standards that have been published and implemented include: General rules for restricting excessive packaging of commodities, requirements for restricting excessive packaging of commodities for food and cosmetics, rules for Metrological Inspection of food and cosmetics packaging, measures for metrological supervision and administration of quantitatively packed commodities, etc

in addition, some regions have also issued special local regulations to limit excessive packaging and promote the reduction of commodity packaging, such as the provisions of Shanghai on the reduction of commodity packaging and the notice of Lanzhou on Further Strengthening the control of excessive packaging

specific to different industries, huguangwei, a researcher of Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, said that at present, the national standards mainly set clear "limits" on the packaging of beverage wine, cakes, cosmetics, health food, grain, etc., and the limit requirements include: packaging void ratio, number of packaging layers, packaging cost and commodity sales price ratio

for example, the packaging porosity of beverage wine should be less than 55%, and the number of packaging layers must be 3 or less; The packaging void ratio of health products and cosmetics shall be less than 60%, and the number of packaging layers must be 3 or less. In addition, the total packaging cost of food and cosmetics other than the initial packaging shall not exceed 20% of the sales price of the commodity

however, huguangwei said that there are no clear national standards, local regulations or guidance documents in fruit, fresh food, express delivery and other fields, and the lack of excessive packaging standards is still a common problem

what is the regulatory process for over packaging? The relevant person in charge of Chengdu Municipal Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision said that at present, China mainly adopts the form of spot check, and samples according to a certain proportion of the total amount of commodities

the specific operation process is as follows: for the sampling of food and cosmetics packaging, the uniaxial compressive strength test of the food to be sold in the finished product warehouse of the manufacturer or the food and cosmetics sales place is usually carried out on the press and taken from the cosmetics. The sampling quantity of food and cosmetics of the same variety and packaging style is generally 1 piece

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