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Many people said: it's too difficult to decorate the bathroom. How to layout a small space? How to match colors? How to select materials If Xiaobian simply recommends several bathroom products for you, you may still be at a loss. So Xiaobian spent a lot of effort to collect six bathroom rooms with different styles for your decoration friends, which are living examples. Xiaobian also collected the product models used in each case - toilet, ceramic tile, bathroom cabinet. In this way, I believe your bathroom decoration trip will be much easier

bathroom decoration I: the temptation of small lattices

price: 365 yuan/square meter

specification: 300*600mm

white tiles, transparent and bright, if laid in a small bathroom, it will make the space more spacious and bright. This white tile is not monotonous. Choose several colored tiles to match it. The tiles are as beautiful as wallpaper

2. Jiumu integrated toilet

price: 1388 yuan (discounted price)

specification: 720*400*740mm

water saving and environmental protection today, toilet also advocates water saving. This 3.8l/6l double gear flushing ensures that water is not wasted, and flushing is more powerful and silent

3. Nobel Brown bathroom cabinet

price: special price 2380 yuan

specification: 1020*515*820mm

material: solid wood

brown solid wood bathroom cabinet, stable and generous appearance, log environmental protection and nature. Size and space are applicable. Built in storage function, dry and wet. Waterproof and moisture-proof board is deeply loved by consumers




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