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What kind of spark will Chinese classical and modern simplicity hit? It's hard to imagine the effect of two diametrically opposite styles. Today, Xiaobian will take you to see the decoration effect drawing of Xiangxin Tianjiao City owner's mixed two bedroom and two hall

style analysis: the mixed decoration style breaks the traditional decoration style and is more imposing than the traditional style. It allows the matching of single household items with different materials, colors and styles, such as a modern style sofa with an idyllic style carpet, is already a necessary element of the most fashionable trend

decoration files: Decoration community: Xiangxin Tianjiao city (more decoration renderings of Xiangxin Tianjiao city) decoration company: living home decoration house type: two rooms and two halls decoration method: half package decoration style: mix and match contract amount: 30000

the overall tone and color matching of the living room make the space comfortable and warm. It is easy to see the mix and match of Chinese classical and modern simplicity. The mahogany walls and zenith have a strong Chinese classical flavor. Soft furniture such as sofa has obvious simplicity. This kind of collocation effect is not bad

the mirror on the wall cabinet has the function of reflecting light, which makes the space visually enlarged. At the same time, the large windows behind the sofa area, as well as some transparent materials or decorations with reflective surfaces, have enriched the visual changes with sufficient natural light, and the transparent line of sight makes the overall space more comfortable

the round table may take up more space, but the selection of light furniture increases the overall fluidity of the space, the expansion of white furniture ensures the space smoothness of the whole home, and the oil painting decorations on the wall break the monotony of color and add a bit of liveliness and happiness

the small bedroom can also show a calm style. Choosing black as the wall and white bedding makes this space full of stable temperament. The carpet with black spots adds a lively temperament to this space. The wall is used as a bookshelf, which has a good storage effect, and the bed is embedded into the wall, which makes effective use of space

[introduction to Xiangxin Tianjiao city community] is a masterpiece of construction invested by Xiangxin Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. in Caidian urban area. It is a large-scale residential project with rich urban resources and cultural heritage, fast and convenient transportation environment, and perfect educational supporting facilities. The overall planning of the project is 2 multi-storey buildings, 8 small high-rise buildings and 4 super high-rise buildings, with a total area of 50000 square meters, a total construction area of about 110000 square meters, and a greening rate of 33.4%. It includes 8000 square meters of commercial street, integrating residence, shopping, entertainment and leisure. The total number of residential households is 963, and there are 374 parking spaces. The surrounding areas include Zhongbai warehouse, ICBC, ABC, Xinhe Construction Bank, new Hanyang No.1 middle school, district hospital, traditional Chinese medicine hospital, Caidian square and other urban supporting facilities

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