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Cultural stone is not a separate stone name, it is a kind of decorative building materials processed and made through a certain decorative effect. People collectively call this kind of stone "cultural stone"

artificial cultural stone is a relatively new material in recent years. Because it is made of natural inorganic non-metallic materials, the selected natural stone texture is captured in great detail and artistically created to create a realistic natural appearance and texture. Then, let's introduce the ingredients and advantages of artificial cultural stones

composition of artificial cultural stone

there are certain requirements for the composition of artificial cultural stone. When making artificial cultural stone, there are two requirements for cementitious materials: one is to be able to achieve rapid solidification and hardening, and the other is that the natural color of cementitious materials should be light, among which the cementitious material with light white color is the best choice. The second is aggregate. The aggregate size of artificial cultural stone is required to be less than 0.5mm, and the aggregate between 0.3mm and 0.5mm is the best, mainly ceramic sand, Mountain tuff rock debris, etc. There is also colorant. At present, iron oxide colorant is the best colorant. Finally, additives are used to adjust the performance of various raw materials when making artificial cultural stones

advantages of artificial cultural stone

1. Technical performance advantages: the research center has carefully designed styles with different shapes, structures, colors and textures. Create a variety of styles such as rugged, elegant, simple, simple and primitive, and the combination makes the wall very three-dimensional. Dust proof and self-cleaning function: the surface is treated with waterproof agent imported from the United States, which is not easy to adhere to dust. It can be cleaned as new by itself after being washed by wind and rain, and maintenance free

2. Advantages of safety and environmental protection: most of the raw materials are from nature, and the raw materials meet the requirements of environmental monitoring, non-toxic, flame-retardant and mold resistant. New man-made cultural stones and important raw materials are suppressed, which not only avoids man-made damage to the natural environment, but also makes use of some waste materials. The price is cheaper than natural stone, but the quality and decorative effect are not lost at all

3. Advantages of stable quality: the company has set up laboratories: (1) test each batch of incoming raw materials, and resolutely do not use unqualified raw materials. (2) Each batch of finished products shall be inspected, and unqualified products shall not be sent out. (3) Design the best proportion of concrete to match the products. (4) In the process of raw material inspection and production, adhere to the standard of Hebei provincial local standard "building cement-based artistic pouring plate". So as to ensure that every batch of our products is qualified

4. Color advantage: artificial cultural stone used in outdoor decoration not only has good decorative effect, but also has light texture, flame retardant and fireproof, and rich color and bright color. Adopt ‘ Germany Bayer iron oxide modulates the color to ensure the lasting stability of the color, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance. In addition to its beauty and long service life, man-made cultural stones also have one of the biggest advantages, which is environmental protection

5. Advantages of texture and material: the proportion is 1/3~1/4 of natural stone, and the texture is light, so there is no need for additional wall foundation support. Strong impermeability and frost resistance. Hand painted, the surface color of cultural stone is even, and the color and texture are second only. There are many kinds of colors, which match with many types to create a variety of appearance walls. The most important thing of artificial cultural stone is the use of mold template. In order to better color the artificial cultural stone, when using silicone rubber mold for production, it is best to wait for the mold to be demoulded and maintained for more than 24 hours before putting into production, and follow the principle that the artificial cultural stone mold always stays on the pallet

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