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The beauty of wooden furniture

furniture is the most natural absorption and diffusion body in the room, especially wooden furniture, which has the characteristics of fiber porosity and can effectively absorb noise. Different wood has different sound absorption degree, which is better than soft wood, such as pine. If the bookcase is placed in front of the wall adjacent to the neighbor's house, the sound from the neighbor's house can be properly blocked

sound insulation of the door

the sound insulation effect of the door panel mainly depends on the filler in the door core. Generally speaking, the inner core of molded sound insulation door is filled with honeycomb paper base, and the closed air layer formed by it can play a good sound insulation role. The poor door panel is only separated by cardboard in the hollow core, and the sound insulation effect is very poor. For solid wood doors and solid wood composite doors, the higher the density of the wood itself, the heavier the weight, and the thicker the door panel, the better the sound insulation effect of the door

wall treatment

the wall should be rough. If it is too smooth, it is easy to produce echoes indoors, thus increasing the volume of noise. Roughen the surface of the wall and make the sound wave refract many times. In addition, the walls and ceilings can be made of sound insulation materials, such as mineral wool sound-absorbing panels

multi use point of fabric

using fabric to eliminate noise is also a common and effective method. Experiments show that the sound absorption effect and effect of draped and tiled fabrics are the same, such as curtains, carpets, etc., and the sound insulation effect of curtains is the most important

sound insulation treatment on the street side

sound insulation on the street side. The window on the street side is refitted into a "sound proof window", and professional sound proof windows are selected, which has a good sound proof effect. In addition, during the decoration, the wall facing the street can be added with a layer of paper gypsum board, and the space between the wall and the gypsum board is filled with sound-absorbing cotton, and then the wallpaper or wall coating can be pasted on the gypsum board




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