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Electronic product consumables should have a unified standard

with the popularization and updating of electronic products such as, digital cameras, video cameras, electric shavers, etc., many discarded chargers and data lines become garbage every year. Different brands of TV sets, air conditioners, DVDs and other household appliances, as well as excellent weather and chemical resistance controllers, as well as the power lines of kitchen supplies such as electric cookers and electric kettles, have to be eliminated because they are incompatible. It not only wastes resources, but also pollutes the living environment

so many electronic product consumables have been garbage, because the sizes and specifications are different, and the standards are not unified, so they can not be used interchangeably

China is a favored country with a large consumption of "white pollution" biodegradable plastics, and the task of reducing resource consumption and environmental pollution is very heavy. Therefore, the national unified standards for common consumables of electronic products should be issued as soon as possible, such as various chargers, lithium batteries, data lines, power line interfaces, etc., which should be compatible with each other. This is a strategic measure to effectively avoid resources. Therefore, taking the foam granulator as an example, the supply should not demand waste and minimize pollution

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