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A knock-out competition related to survival how do household building materials enterprises practice environmental protection

a knock-out competition related to survival how do household building materials enterprises practice environmental protection

December 21, 2016

[China paint information] on November 24, the second batch of environmental protection supervision teams of the central government entered Guangdong to carry out environmental protection supervision for one month. From November 28 to December 28, the fourth environmental protection supervision group of the central government was stationed in Foshan to fully carry out the central environmental protection supervision. How can China's home building materials enterprises practice environmental protection? There are "life and death disasters", elimination competitions related to survival and acceleration shuffles

this year, the national level has made great efforts to improve the environmental protection of the home building materials industry. Now the environmental protection rectification of the carpet survey shows that enterprises must cover the environmental protection of the people. After the national economic strength has developed to a certain stage, it will be sooner or later to rectify the household environmental protection. Experts from industry associations said that the environmental protection rectification will increase by 1 The control software can actively calculate the tensile strength, yield strength, breaking strength, elastic modulus, elongation and other test data, which is faster than the speed of industry reshuffle, and will also make the "transformation and upgrading" that has been mentioned more urgent

"the latter is mainly from corn or other sugary crops (such as cassava)" the special work is orderly.

it is from the special work directly grasped by the national and local governments, and its intensity is large, which can be imagined. With the momentum of lightning, the remediation action quickly spread to every industrial zone in Foshan. The circle of friends in the home furnishing industry are all "environmentally friendly", home furnishing enterprises have been "shut down", "sealed up and detained", and the number of persons in charge who have been "detained" is updated every day. Under the pressure of inspectors, many home building materials enterprises have been forced to rectify. Some have stopped production and "celebrate the holiday" in advance. Enterprises that have not stopped production also claim that they will stop production at any time and call on customers to place orders as soon as possible. Due to the closure of upstream raw material manufacturers, some enterprises cannot buy raw materials with money. "If you have money, you may not be able to buy plates. If you have materials, you may not be able to polish them. If you have polished them, you may not be able to pack them, because the prices of cartons have increased. So the key point is that many factories are out of stock." Mr. Liu said

On December 1st, 2016, China Forest Products Industry Association officially announced that the group standard of formaldehyde emission limit for wood-based panels would be implemented from December 1st, 2016, aiming to reduce the formaldehyde emission in wood-based panel products, promote enterprises to produce green and environmentally friendly products, and promote and improve the supervision and management mechanism of wood-based panel products. With the frequent introduction of national environmental protection policies, the green transformation of the home building materials industry will drive into the fast lane. The environmental protection warning bell of the household industry has sounded, and accelerating the environmental protection and health of products is the right way, which also represents the environmental protection development direction of China's household manufacturing industry. As consumers pay more and more attention to environmental protection, home building materials enterprises should continue to work on environmental protection

green environmental protection will become the selling point of the market. The focus of home environmental protection is to implement the new normal of the traditional economy in 2016. The home building materials industry is facing great pressure of transformation and upgrading and elimination of backward production capacity. No matter from the development trend abroad or at home, the economic foundation determines the concept of family and individual consumption, which is the consumption law. After years of rapid development, Chinese society is changing from "meeting basic needs" to "pursuing quality life", and the era of quality life has come. With the improvement of life quality, Chinese home building materials consumers will take green home building materials as a necessary prerequisite for "qualified" home building materials, and Chinese home building materials enterprises have begun to reshuffle the market with high quality and green environmental protection as selling points

at present, the development of the home building materials industry has fully entered the era of brand competition, the market competition has reached a historical peak, the industrial pattern is being adjusted and reshaped at an accelerated pace, and the brand integration pattern of the stronger and the weaker has become prominent. It has higher requirements on the strength of enterprises, and the concentration of the industry is also higher. In the future, more and more small brands will be eliminated, and truly become the first "purification market" among the three categories

the quality of home environment is related to the health of every family member, and its environmental protection concept runs through every link of product design, material selection, processing process, etc. In the case of environmental protection norms and standards on the top, sampling inspection by supervision agencies on the bottom, and joint efforts from the top to the bottom, the environmental protection reform of the household industry has become a general trend. The standard experimental method requires that the calculation should become the trend of the zigzag stress at 5%. The healthy development of an industry can not be separated from a good environmental protection standardization system. The environmental storm sweeping Foshan is only the epitome of the environmental protection renovation of Chinese household enterprises. The joint practice of the whole industry can lead the sustainable and healthy development of the industry

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