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The prospect of China's elevator industry is bright

according to the analysis of relevant data, there are more than 500000 elevators in use in China at present, and the purchase of elevators in 2005 increased by more than 14% compared with 108000 in 2004, reaching 125000, but the proportion of energy-saving elevators is less than 2%. From the perspective of national economic development and construction needs, the development of energy-saving elevators has become the most urgent task

according to statistics, if 80% of China's newly installed elevators in 2004 adopted energy-saving elevators that saved 34% of electricity, the newly installed elevators could save 1.6 billion kwh of electricity based on the use of 8 hours per day. In 2005, if 80% of all elevators used used energy-saving elevators, 12.2 billion kwh of electricity could be saved in the whole year. In 2015, if energy-saving elevators are not used in elevators nationwide, they will consume an additional 80billion kwh

it is understood that the investment of the Three Gorges project is expected to be 909 billion yuan, and the annual power generation capacity will be 84.7 billion kwh after all the power generation units. In this way, if the Three Gorges project is completed by 2015 and starts to enter the mature period of power generation, its power generation can just offset the wasted power of elevators. This is just a very simple comparison, but the conclusion is startling! Not long ago, someone calculated the power consumption of four elevators used in a TV Tower. Their elevators have been used for more than 10 years. They use old-fashioned imported DC elevators, and the monthly power charge is as high as hundreds of thousands of yuan. If advanced energy-saving elevators are adopted, the cost saved in 5 years will be enough to replace the new energy-saving elevators

at the same time, energy-saving elevators are not only energy-saving elevators. If each energy-saving elevator adopts a small machine room, it can save about 30000 yuan in Civil Engineering (no machine room can save more civil engineering costs). In 2005, all 125000 elevators adopted energy-saving products, and the national civil engineering cost can be saved by 4billion yuan. Civil construction and reducing the use of materials can also save energy. The use of energy-saving elevators can also save more expenses for elevator users. Elevator renovation will also pay more attention to energy saving and cost saving

the current elevator is no longer the elevator we saw 5 years ago. For example, there were only two types of sightseeing elevators: semicircle and diamond. Now there are many types of sightseeing elevators, including four-way sightseeing (there are many airports), one-way, two-way, three-way sightseeing and full circle sightseeing

at present, a new elevator technology to be introduced will shorten the installation time of an elevator by more than half. If it is used in villa elevators, the installation time is only 3 days

the application of new elevator technology has become the main trend of elevator development, including energy-saving technology, control technology, safety technology and new technical materials

at present, the energy-saving elevator brands with independent intellectual property rights in China are mainly KONE elevator and walless elevator. Moreover, the energy-saving elevators provided by these two brands in 2005 have been close to the deformation of the samples obtained by Pujiu, which provides a technical basis and possibility for the promotion of energy-saving elevators

at present, the control technology has eliminated the AC two speed control which makes the measurement results inaccurate. Passenger elevators and residential elevators have basically adopted the control technology combining 32-bit microcomputer and serial communication

in terms of safety technology, on the one hand, the traditional elevator safety components are changing to two-way safety system; On the other hand, the security technologies used by elevators are also expanding, including IC card elevator management system, fingerprint identification system and community monitoring system. The three door elevator that directly enters the house will also become the choice trend of some high-end communities

according to relevant data, the export of elevators in 2004 more than doubled that in 2003. In 2005, the export of elevators exceeded 10000 sets. Industry experts predict that the export of elevators will grow faster in 2006. Foreign procurement of Chinese elevators is developing rapidly, which also accelerates the integration of the industry

last year, the integration of the elevator industry began to take shape. More and more attention has been paid to the green flame retardant nylon of some enterprises, which closed down because they could not obtain a new production license for demonstration experiments. Other enterprises could not survive because they had too little market share. On the contrary, some big brands began to annex small enterprises

in the next few years, due to the expansion of China's market and the continuous increase of export sales, the integration within the industry will become white hot. At the same time, new investors will enter the industry with annual sales of 50billion yuan

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