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Allie Dennison launched a new water washing label series

Leiden, the Netherlands, September 13, 2012 - the Fas and peek brand of Allie Dennison recently launched a new water washing label series, which can significantly improve the recycling rate of materials and help brand manufacturers reduce the impact of products on the environment

this new water wash label is applicable to glass bottles and PET polyester bottles, providing a simple and convenient solution for label processors that can replace the existing wet adhesive labels

we develop washed labels not only for the benefit of the value chain, but also for a strong sense of society. The only national standards frequently used in the friction and wear testing machine of the global vice president of the materials department of Allie Dennison are the following: Jon Maley, President, said: we work closely with customers to develop innovative solutions to minimize the impact of the products we jointly produce or use on the environment. For the beverage industry, maximizing the recycling rate of materials is undoubtedly an effective way to achieve this goal

the washing label is specially designed for recyclable beer bottles. It has an outstanding sense of no label, enhances the brand image of high-end beer products, and also supports various complex label shapes

this label can be affixed to the bottle body and/or bottleneck of light color and dark color containers with attention to turning off the main motor source. It is applicable to the smooth surface of glass bottled water, large volume fruit juice products and recyclable PET bottles

the washing label adopts multi-layer mechanism, including polypropylene film, pet backing paper and special washing adhesive. The unique adhesive formula makes the label of beer bottle easy to remove when washing. After cleaning, the label will not remain adhesive in the packaging bottle and detergent

in addition, the label will not leave traces or pad prints on the packaging bottle after cleaning. The water washing temperature can be as low as 65 C, which is lower than the current mainstream water temperature of 80 C. In addition, this washed label can also maintain outstanding performance in tropical or high-temperature environment, and has UV protection characteristics

glass bottles

this new material is suitable for all recyclable glass bottles. With the innovative double-layer structure and unique bonding range, the double-layer structure of water wash label has different expansion rates in high-temperature detergent. Therefore, the label will be bent so that it can be easily removed. After cleaning, the adhesive and ink remain on the label, so it will not pollute the water

pet PET bottle

Fasen brand washing label can also be used for pet pet bottle. High quality PET materials are easy to realize bottle to bottle recycling, thus significantly increasing production efficiency and improving the cost-effectiveness of the entire value chain. The PET bottle will be crushed together with the label after use, and placed in high-temperature alkaline solution to prevent the extension meter from being damaged and soaked due to human overload. At this time, due to different density, the label material will be automatically separated from pet fragments. In this recycling process, the high-performance water washing adhesive can still be tightly attached to the crushed label, so as to ensure that PET materials can be 100% recycled

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