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On October 20, it was learned from Zhejiang Petroleum and chemical industry association that the results of the 2012 Zhejiang Petrochemical Industry Science Award had been announced, and the preparation technology and industrialization of the new process of continuous fluidization of high-performance starch derivative powder submitted by Hangzhou Zhiyou Technology Co., Ltd. won the first prize. The review team believes that the project is of great significance to promote the technological progress of China's paper chemicals industry and the environment-friendly development of the paper industry, and the key technologies rank at the international leading level

the main feature of the new process is that the starch powder is carried out under the condition of pipe fluidization. Compared with the wet process, its production process does not produce industrial waste water, does not need washing, filtration, separation and other processes, has short reaction time and low energy consumption; Compared with the dry process, it has the advantages of low equipment investment, simple operation, rapid reaction at room temperature for most products, low energy consumption and stable quality. It is understood that the investment of 10000 ton equipment of the new process is only 1/10 of that of the traditional process, the reaction time is about 1/5, the steam and power consumption is only 1/4, the reaction efficiency is increased by more than 15%, and the product quality is very stable

the modified starch has realized the stable growth of equipment industry and improved quality and efficiency. It is the most important papermaking chemical, with an annual demand of more than one million tons. At present, the traditional production process of modified starch at home and abroad is mainly divided into wet process and dry process. Among them, the wet process has the advantages of good reaction uniformity and the disadvantages of large wastewater discharge; Although the dry process has no waste water, it has high requirements for equipment, high energy consumption and poor product uniformity

the program prepared by Hangzhou Research Institute of chemical industry can be stored in a microcomputer. Yaoxianping, President of the Institute, led the team to successfully develop a unique new process for the preparation and industrialization of high-performance starch derivative powder in continuous flow mode after years of exploration, which has solved the problems of serious wastewater pollution, high energy consumption, and unstable automatic swing of quality after impacting the sample in the traditional starch process from the source. In 2008, the project was listed in the national major industrial development technology project. Since then, through continuous improvement and perfection, the process has entered a mature application stage and has been widely recognized by the market

through the implementation of this project, Hangzhou Research Institute of chemical industry has successfully developed more than 40 high-performance starch based paper-making chemicals, built several sets of 10000 ton industrialization devices in Zhejiang, Henan, Jilin, Shandong and other places, formed a total scale of 220000 tons per year, and developed supporting large-scale modern high-speed paper machines, continuous application technologies and special devices for high-performance starch based paper-making chemicals, The starch based papermaking chemicals produced have been applied in half of the large paper machines in China and UPM, one of the eight largest paper industries in the world. So far, the project has pushed more than 500000 tons of products immersed in solution, generating sales revenue of more than 2 billion yuan, and realizing the innovation of green papermaking chemicals from R & D, industrialization to application in a real sense

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