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Elements of print advertising - Design of advertising text (Part 1)

writing of advertising text

basic requirements for writing of advertising text:

concise and simple, vivid and interesting

coherent and unified, focusing on

matching illustrations and enhancing effects

bold in innovation and rich in creativity

writing requirements for the text elements:

I Title writing

type Title: where: r-scan rate (oct/min or) type title is based on the psychology of most people who are interested in the report, using the method of writing title to provide new facts to readers. Such as "radar green horse watch, tell you the secret of manual watch!"

question Title: questions can arouse people's curiosity and drive people to dig into the bottom and find out. When writing question titles, we should strive to put forward questions from the standpoint of consumers, which will make readers feel friendly and easy to accept the information conveyed by advertisements. For example, "Why are women more and more interested in radar women's watches?"

imperative Title: use metaphor to combine beautiful and familiar things with the content to be publicized in the advertisement, so as to make readers have good associations, so as to deepen their impression. The title of the cosmetics advertisement of "Kao" in Japan is "Kao world, bright and clean"

Title: take the name of the product or enterprise as the title and place it in the most prominent position of the advertising page. It is straight to the point without any hiding. However, this technique is too exposed, lack of attraction, and there is no room for aftertaste. It is difficult to make sound Association, and it is not easy to arouse the interest of readers

guaranteed title: this title uses the identification of products by authoritative authorities, such as national quality award and provincial quality product award

II. Writing of advertising language

in advertising creation, the advertising title and advertising language are easy to be confused. Because the advertising language, like the title, serves the advertising theme, and many advertising languages are also evolved from the title. Although there are similarities between them, their nature is still different. Advertising language is a complete sentence or antithetical form to strengthen the image of goods in conjunction with the advertisement title and text, which can clearly express the theme of the advertisement, and the sentence is easy to remember

the advertising language should be concise, simple, easy to remember, stimulating to a certain extent, and can attract the attention of readers. Advertising language should try to highlight the advantages of goods, so that readers have the desire to buy

there are two typical types of advertising language. One is the advertising language that emphasizes the advantages of commodities, such as "always drink Beijing Royal Jelly, and always be smart." "Where there is a mountain, there must be a road, and where there is a road, there must be a Mitsubishi." The second is to promote 6. The advertising language for the dimensional tolerance and allowable deviation of plastic parts to make readers take action, such as the typewriter advertising language of "no acquaintance without typing"

III. writing of advertising text

when writing the advertising text, it should be reasonable, concise, focused, vivid and interesting

like advertising language, advertising text also has many forms of expression, mainly including:

dialogue text

description text

humor text

certificate text

novel text

design of advertising text

text plays an important role in advertising design, and will be the most direct way to transmit advertising information relative to graphics. The graphic is a symbolic and indirect way to convey advertising information. We can see advertisements that are completely composed of words, but we have never seen advertisements that are only completed by graphics

character modeling design of advertising characters -- Font Design of advertising characters

I. font selection

attention: advertising fonts should attract the attention of readers

select a font according to the design requirements: when selecting a font, you cannot select a font just to highlight the font. The type, size, weight, complexity and simplicity of fonts should comply with the needs of the whole advertising design. When choosing fonts, you should focus on those expressive fonts. As for the advertising design that highlights illustrations, the text is in a subordinate and supplementary position, which plays a role in setting off illustrations and strengthening contrast. Therefore, it is best to choose simple or neutral fonts

choose fonts based on the theme content: the characters can make people associate with each other. Therefore, when selecting applications, pay attention to the consistency between the content and the meaning of the font in the shape or symbol. Do not choose old and cumbersome fonts to promote modern products

pay attention to the harmony of fonts: there are often two or more fonts in the advertising picture at the same time. Therefore, you should pay attention to the harmony between different fonts when selecting fonts. In general, it is not easy to have too many fonts in an advertisement, so as to avoid the feeling of confusion

advertising words should be standardized: words are an important means to convey advertising content. If the words are not standardized, people may misunderstand the advertising content or not understand it at all

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