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For the current wardrobe industry, customized enterprises occupy the high-end market. According to Forbes' data in 2015, the number of people with assets of more than 500million yuan in China reached 17000, while the number of people with assets of more than 10million yuan reached 960000. People in Beijing, Guangdong, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other places will be the main force in the consumption of high-end customized products. High end customized enterprises will find a correct positioning, improve product technology and product innovation, and the future development of customization will be very promising. How do wardrobe enterprises lay out the development path of customization? Whole house custom furniture brand Deville

the outline of the big home industry is beginning to appear

the outline of the big home industry has gradually appeared, and the competition of enterprises and the market is accelerating the pace of the big home. In the future, the following trends may appear in the large home furnishing industry

the progress of the consumer market and the change of consumption concept have prompted the industry to integrate. After nearly ten years of high market prosperity, the awareness of market consumption in the home building materials industry has been gradually affected and changed. People have higher and higher requirements for service level and product cognition, pay more attention to brands, and prefer one-stop consumption. Nowadays, although many home building materials shopping malls claim to be one-stop shopping, they refer to doing it in one place, not in a merchant or brand, This leads to the need for consumers to re understand every brand and every business to generate trust, which consumes a lot of energy and time. Through market visits, the research group found that many regions have taken this opportunity to have independent home building materials shopping malls or markets, and independent chain stores or supermarkets, and this way has gradually been recognized by the market. Merchants hope to make products in their own stores or supermarkets, so that they can introduce products to consumers in a unified way, and also unify the purchase channels of products, eliminating the link of introducing products with consumers one by one, and avoiding the trouble of facing multiple raw material manufacturers at the same time

Internet home decoration will occupy the middle and low-end market in the form of creating a platform. At present, Internet home decoration has a huge impact on decoration companies. It can be predicted that in the next few years, traditional decoration companies will be subverted by Internet home decoration, and through the strong communication power of the Internet, more middle and low-end consumer groups will choose Internet home decoration

the large home furnishing industry will form a pattern in which several large brands will occupy the vast majority of the market, and there will be hundreds of billions of enterprises. At present, there are tens of thousands of enterprises engaged in the home building materials industry, with a market share of more than 4trillion. According to the development track of an industry, it can be predicted that the industry will reach a certain maturity and gradually enter the state of the stronger and the weaker out. In the future, there will be hundreds of billions of large home furnishing groups, and several enterprises and brands will occupy most of the market share; On the other hand, the industry will accelerate its integration in recent years, and a large number of enterprises engaged in this industry will face the outcome of bankruptcy or merger

how can wardrobe enterprises do a good job in whole house customization

1. Formulate unified standards:

wardrobe enterprises must formulate unified standards in order to move towards the whole house customization industry, which is not only the needs of the expansion and development of the industry, but also the needs of consumers, but also the needs of customized furniture. First of all, it should be clear that the real "whole house customization" should be able to customize the furniture of the whole house. With standards, enterprises can't paste labels indiscriminately

2. Improve the product supply chain

first, we need to build a complete supply chain. To realize the whole house customization, we must have a perfect supply chain. Supply chain is the core and foundation. Without supply chain, there is no scale advantage, no efficiency, no cost performance, and it is difficult to replicate and expand on a large scale. There are many kinds of wardrobe involved in the whole room customization of wardrobe, including wardrobe, bookcase, wine cabinet, bedside cabinet, porch, shoe cabinet, TV cabinet, and even whole wood home decoration. The integration of products is quite complex, and the integration of efficient supply chain is very difficult

3. We need to have strong delivery ability

secondly, we need to improve the delivery ability of enterprises. With good advantages, it is not enough to have a supply chain. To do a good job of wardrobe customization, we must also have a strong "delivery capacity". Whether the design can give awesome or not, whether the construction organization can be carried out efficiently, and whether the construction period and quality can be guaranteed after the demand outbreak, actually have great requirements on the delivery capacity of wardrobe enterprises. There is no amount of starvation, with the amount of sustenance, the wardrobe enterprise must have a strong delivery capacity in order to make the whole house customization model bigger and larger

4. Have enough talents and financial strength

finally, build a strong talent reserve and have financial strength. To build a strong supply chain and have a strong delivery capacity, in the final analysis, one is to have people, which has very high requirements for the organization construction and management of enterprises. In addition, there should be funds, especially for the construction of supply chain. Without strong financial strength, we can't do it

in order to enter the field of whole house customization, wardrobe enterprises also need to be fully prepared in the above four aspects. Whole house customization includes all aspects, not only design, construction, material selection and product production services, but also the overall style, overall comfort and other aspects. It provides a complete living scheme, and consumers choose whole house customization to realize the integration of the whole living. Therefore, Whole house customization is one of the development methods of wardrobe enterprises, but it still needs to work hard

in general, although the outline of big home furnishings is gradually emerging, the author believes that a new development direction of the wardrobe industry in the future is an opportunity and a challenge for many wardrobe furniture brands. Whether they can seize it depends on their brand strength and their own layout strategy

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