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Compared with ordinary houses, the decoration of villas will be more upscale, atmospheric, comfortable and enjoyable. Of course, in addition to the design and construction of villa decoration, there are many problems to pay attention to. The geomancy of villa is very important, which may affect the quality of life of the owners, including the geomancy of villa ceiling decoration. So, what should we pay attention to in the decoration of villa ceiling? How to decorate the ceiling of the villa? The following Xiaobian brings you the Feng Shui taboo of villa ceiling decoration

taboo 1: avoid that the ceiling color of the villa is darker than the floor color

this format will form a top heavy phenomenon. In Feng Shui, it is called the disorder of elders and juveniles, which means that young people with low status will not accept the discipline and leadership of older people with high status, and turn away from the guest

taboo 2: the villa ceiling should not be uneven or have sharp corners

it will make people (including office and living) who have been in it for a long time feel irritable and conflict with each other. As for the solution, the way is to make the ceiling flat through decoration

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