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We have seen many cases of simple style, but in the past, we have seen more cases of luxury, which will more or less make people feel a sense of distance. Therefore, today, Meijia Meihu seamless wallcovering shares a group of modern simple cases that are more close to life

living room

from the design of the living room, it can be seen that the overall color tone is also dominated by neutral colors, and some parts are matched with colorful decorations to brighten the space

the warm gray wall cloth is used as the TV background wall, and the TV cabinet with simple lines is simple and durable. At first glance, there is quite an artistic conception of sky blue waiting for misty rain


restaurant is the place that every family is most likely to ignore, but these inches are the most warm place. The Warm Beige wall cloth design neutralizes the desolation brought by the gray Department furniture

master bedroom

the design of the master bedroom reflects the owner's love and infinite longing for life. The warm background wall with simple patterns, coupled with soft lights, creates a nostalgic living space, quiet and beautiful

secondary bedroom

entering the secondary bedroom is very different from the style of the master bedroom. Navy with high-grade gray, there is no cumbersome decoration, and I feel more about the meticulous attitude of young people towards life

all products of Meijia Meihu wall cloth/seamless wall cloth are classic works of wisdom gathered by design masters. The product style covers a variety of artistic expressions such as European and American classical, Chinese, modern, neoclassical, pastoral, children, etc. it is committed to leading indoor space decoration with contemporary spirit, deducing thousands of living customs, and bringing diversified artistic customs to home decoration. Meijia Meihu - a world-famous work in wall cloth

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