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1. What's the problem with your hydropower transformation? 2. What are your regrets about your living room? 3. Are you satisfied with your bathroom? 4. What do you think about choosing furniture? 5. Are you satisfied with the whole decoration? Core tip: it is impossible to decorate without regret. Owners who have had decoration experience agree with this statement very much. There are many regrets in home decoration. For big regrets, such as decoration quality problems, most owners

1. What is the problem with your hydropower transformation? 2. What are your regrets about your living room? 3. Are you satisfied with your bathroom? 4. What do you think about choosing furniture? 5. Are you satisfied with the whole decoration

core tip:

decoration, it is impossible to have no regrets. Owners who have decoration experience agree with this statement very much. In home decoration, there are big regrets and small regrets. For big regrets, such as decoration quality problems, most owners can't stand them, but for some small regrets, owners can only face and endure them. In fact, for some small regrets, it will also bring big trouble to the new home life, at least make yourself feel very uncomfortable. Therefore, according to the current household consumption situation in Chengdu, this report collected some minor regrets in the decoration, hoping to provide reference for the owners who are preparing to decorate

"passer-by" said he regretted that there was less socket in his house. What about yours

decoration is actually a very complicated thing. Recently, after investigating and visiting the owners who have done decoration, the reporter found that many owners complain more about decoration than about life. The smallest detail is the switching problem. Switch is the most easily ignored in home decoration. Mr. Zhang of Ximen has been very depressed recently. He is very unhappy about the switch. He told reporters that once he visited his friend's aquarium, which was full of interest, and he also wanted to buy one. There was just a place for an aquarium in the living room at home, but he went home and looked carefully. There was no power socket on the empty wall of the living room, and the lighting and filtering equipment of the aquarium depended on the tow line board to work. Because there were fewer power sockets installed during decoration, he had to give up later

in view of the lack of socket installation in Mr. Zhang's home decoration, Mr. Deng, a Chengdu designer, believes that this is the result of ignoring the function of the room during home decoration

specific solutions: sockets should be installed on every wall of the living room, dining room and bedroom, and at least one socket should be installed even in small spaces such as storage room and cloakroom. A wide wall should be installed at a distance. In places where a variety of electrical appliances may be used, such as TV wall, writing desk wall and kitchen console wall, the more sockets are installed, the better, so as to prevent trouble in the first place

the switch is installed low, which affects the family.

the switch is generally installed at the door, bedside and other positions. It seems that it is not a big problem to be higher and lower. It is generally installed at a position more than one meter high. Adults and children can reach it as soon as they raise their hands, but sometimes there will be problems. Ms. Zhao in the South Gate of Chengdu bought a two-story elevated bed for her son, with a writing desk on the lower floor and a bed on the upper floor. Every time her daughter climbed into bed, she had to ask her mother to turn off the light for her, because the position of the switch was designed according to the height of the single-layer bed, and her son couldn't reach the switch when he leaned out of the upper bed

among the owners of home decoration in Chengdu, there are many regrets caused by the high and low positions of similar switches and sockets. For example, the switch design position of some family bedside lamps is too low, and the bedside table is too high, the switch will be partially blocked by the bedside table; Some people designed the height of the background wall socket according to the height of the old TV cabinet, but bought the current popular low-rise TV cabinet, causing the socket position to be higher than the TV cabinet, affecting the overall visual effect of the background wall, and even the table height of the TV cabinet will be just in the middle of the socket panel, affecting the actual use

in view of the phenomenon of different switch heights, Mr. Xu, a designer in Chengdu, believes that to solve this problem, the height of the switch socket must match the size of the furniture. The best way is to choose the furniture before decoration and tell the designer the size of the furniture. If the furniture is not selected in advance, the specific location of the switch socket must be considered in advance when selecting the furniture after decoration

▲ reporter's commentary

decoration, we can't ignore details

people often say that the success or failure of things depends on details. For home decoration, details are a very key element

decoration, in fact, is not a simple thing. If you think about decoration too simply, you will take it lightly and ignore the details, resulting in all kinds of regrets that you shouldn't have at home

home is a warm place for everyone to live. Before decoration, many owners often only care about the effect of home decoration, deliberately pursue the beauty of home decoration, pay attention to how to select materials, pay attention to the cost budget, and how to save more. However, there is no more consideration and arrangement for small parts, ignoring the functions of the room itself and other characteristics. As a result, small problems lead to big trouble

blindly following the trend is also an important factor causing regret in home decoration. Some families blindly imitate other people's personality and style according to their own characteristics. Due to the lack of foresight and creativity, they don't know that problems continue until they live at home after decoration. Such things are still common around owners in Chengdu

if you want to have no regrets in home decoration, or minimize the regrets, you must make preliminary preparations and planning before decoration, grasp the overall process of decoration, and carefully consider the use function of the room and the composition of family members. As long as the details are handled and grasped well, too many regrets will be avoided

in any case, decoration, do not ignore the details





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